Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace Discussion

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I will need you to do this:

1. What is the most important piece of new information (something you didn’t already know) you read in chapter 9?

The book is: (Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace by Gurak and Lannon, 3rd Edition)

2. Research the job market in your field. See if you can find any articles online on “how to find a job in Civil Engineering ” . Any source you find from professional organizations in your field will be particularly useful (American Society of Civil Engineers, etc.). Then, search through listings of current job ads on sites like Indeed, USAJobs, or any search engines specific to your field. Pay attention to things like how many jobs are available, what qualifications and experience they’re asking for, what the pay is, where they’re located, how competitive the jobs are, whether the pandemic has changed anything etc. Then, write and post a 2-3 paragraph report on “The Job Market in *Civil Engineering*” that includes any information you found that surprised you.

3. Respond to a classmate’s report with a question and/or an observation. (will send u my classmate writing later on)




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