Stratford University Causes of the Schizophrenia and Psychotic Behaviors Questions

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Discussion Forum

1. What causes schizophrenia or psychotic behaviors?

2. What is the common age of onset of schizophrenia?

3. Explain the reason that people with schizophrenia might also have a co-occuring substance disorder.

4. What are positive and negative symptoms – know the definitions and list 3 examples of positive and 3 examples of negative symptoms for class.

5. What is the role of the nurse when working with someone with psychosis and schizophrenia? Is there a difference? How would you approach this patient?

6. Describe some of the social issues that a person with schizophrenia might have and what effect does this have on the family?

7. Explain what part dopamine has on a schizophrenic brain and why is this important to know?

8. When working with families who have a psychotic member in the family, what are some important teaching points to prevent readmission?

Initial post due Wednesday, respond to two classmates by Sunday.




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