Syracuse Vocal and Physical Delivery in the Obama President Speech Discussion

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This discussion activity is designed to provide a space for evaluating vocal and physical speech delivery skills by analyzing a speech of your choice.

First, find a speech online (approximately 5 –10 minutes in length) and examine the speaker’s overall presentation. Pay close attention to the speaker’s vocal and physical delivery. Then, in a ¾-to 1-page analysis, discuss specific vocal and physical delivery aspects, for example, in what areas was the speaker strong? In what areas might the speaker improve?

Then, explain why you think they were effective or not, and discuss how the vocal and delivery aspects made the speech more effective, or possible detracted from the message. Use the chapter readings and supplemental videos to guide your analysis. Include the link to your speech at the top of the page; posts with no speech link included will not be graded. Use in-text citations for course materials; no reference page is needed. Cited source material must be paraphrased in your own words rather than quoted from the source.

Finally, post your analysis to the ‘Discussion Post #1: Vocal and Physical Delivery’ discussion in Canvas. The analysis is worth up to 12 points.The deadline to submit this activity is 10pm EST Wednesday, February .




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