Temple College Old Communication System in the Healthcare Administration Discussion

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Think about a conflict, disagreement, or simply a different point of view that you ( a Millenial) experienced with someone at work who was from the baby boomer generation in a administrative hospital setting. You can be the persons manager or coworker.

1. Explain the scenario and the generations of the people involved in the conflict, disagreement, or different point-of view.

2. Analyze the other person’s behaviors that you observed during the conflict or disagreement. Analyze what your intended outcomes might have been as the conflict/disagreement was occurring. Did generational differences cross your mind?

Analyze your behaviors during the conflict/disagreement.

Analyze the outcomes that you and the other person experienced as a result of the conflict, disagreement, or different point-of-view.

Reflecting on the overall experience—the intended outcomes, behaviors, and outcomes you described— analyze whether that conflict/disagreement experience was based on assumptions or efforts to seek understanding between each other.

3. Assumptions: If assumptions were evident as you reflect on this experience, would you describe these assumptions as “jumping to conclusions” about each other, or—more specifically—were the assumptions based on generational stereotypes? Explain.

4. Efforts to seek understanding between each other: If this experience was based on genuine efforts to understand each other, how successful were you in accomplishing that? Explain.




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