Temple University Food Narrative and Food Autobiography Paper

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To-Do Date: Feb 2 at 11:59pm

Writing style: introspective narrative, chronicling individual food choices, memories, thoughts and feelings.

DUE: Tuesday February 2nd by 11:59pm.

Requirements: 2–3 page essay (12 in fonts, double-spaced, 1 inch margins)

This essay should be your personal interpretation of how you view food. This is not a food diary, or a list of what you eat, but a narrative of the role of food in your life, talking about your favorite dishes through life and their associations, particular personal/family experiences around food or certain dishes or activities, etc.

An Excellent Essay will include:

  • a clear structure (introduction, body and conclusion),
  • excellent grammar and adherence to the essay instructions,
  • an organized message,
  • at least 2 pages in length, and
  • evidence of a thoughtful/creative approach.




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