Terrorists and Hate Groups Discussion

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answer the 3 questions listed below

Explain the controversial issues regarding the definition and conceptualization of terrorism and hate crimes.

Discuss the major ideological differences between right-right wing extremists and hate groups. Give an example of each.

Discuss the challenges that the Internet presents for law enforcement with the emergence of domestic terrorist groups.

When developing your answers, remember, you must include (cited) facts to support the major points in your response. Your responses should not include continuous quotations without your thoughts and analysis, as well. Rather, your responses must reflect a balance between facts and your perspective on the points you made.

Your responses to each of the examination questions should be a minimum of one page (250 words) and a maximum of two pages in length, double-spaced, and written in 11-point Arial font or 12-point Times New Roman.

Include the question you are responding to immediately before each answer.

Include a title/cover page with your name and assignment.

Include appropriate cited references and format them in the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style.

Submit your exam in one MS Word document




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