The Companys Balance Sheet and Income Statement Research Paper

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Questions – Financial Management:

Search Yahoo Finance to find the most recent income statement and balance sheet of Walmart.

For each question in part (2) provide definitions in detail, comment on your findings, analyze what the result of each answer means to Walmart. Make sure to provide references for content when necessary.

  1. Brief introduction about Walmart.
  2. Perform a vertical financial analysis incorporating:
    1. Debt ratio
    2. Debt to equity ratio
    3. Return on assets
    4. Return on equity
    5. Current ratio
    6. Quick ratio
    7. Inventory turnover
    8. Days in inventory
    9. Accounts receivable turnover
    10. Accounts receivable cycle in days
    11. Accounts payable turnover
    12. Accounts payable cycle in days
    13. Earnings per share (EPS)
    14. Price to earnings ratio (P/E)
    15. Cash conversion cycle (CCC)
    16. Working capital
    17. Explain Dupont identity, apply it to Walmart company, interpret the components in Dupont identity.
  3. Provide these statements in the appropriate format (financial statement) as part of the Appendix


-Word document (4 pages min)

-Font: Times New Roman

-At least 6 peer-reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page) (Can be used for definitions or explanations of calculation results) (This is extremely important)

-In-text citations for each peer-reviewed source.

-No plagiarism




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