UC Irvine The Issue of Israel Palestine and Bosnia Conflict Discussion

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Short Paper #1 Assignment

For Short Paper #1, you will be responding to two prompts asking you to apply general concepts about conflict presented in the Beyond Intractability readings to the Israel-Palestine and/or Bosnia conflict cases. Each of your prompt responses should be between 450-600 words, for a total word length between 900-1200 words. Please write your paper in a formal essay format, with a brief introduction (3-6 sentences), short body paragraphs with topic sentences that state the paragraph’s main argument (5-10 sentences), and a brief conclusion (3-6 sentences). Please also include a subheading for each prompt that includes the prompt number and word count for your response. That will help clarify where your response for each prompt begins.

Please also be sure to cite material appropriately. For material presented in the course, you should provide the author’s last name and the publication date. The Works Cited page should then have a full reference to the works you reference in your responses. The full reference for the Beyond Intractability essays should include links to the essays that you reference. You are not required to consult outside sources, but you may draw on outside sources if you cite them appropriately.

Please see the rubric posted below for guidance on how the papers will be scored.

Prompt 1:

The Beyond Intractability readings point to several characteristics of intractable conflict. For example, intractable conflicts are often about many different issues (i.e., moral differences, justice and rights disputes, unmet human needs, high stakes distributional issues, and identity). They also often play out in a context of long-standing historical differences and emergent nationalism, and they can escalate very quickly into violence. When applying the Beyond Intractability readings to the Israel-Palestine and Bosnia conflicts, we can see that there are similarities and differences in the issues, contexts, and dynamics of the two conflict cases. Compare and contrast the two cases. What parallel(s) can we see in the issues, contexts, and dynamics of the Israel-Palestine and Bosnian conflicts? What difference(s) do we see? It will be impossible to address all similarities and differences, so please limit your focus and describe the similarity(ies) or difference(s) you observe in-depth.

Prompt 2:

The Beyond Intractability readings point to differences in the ways that parties frame their conflicts. Parties create narratives about their conflict, and different parties emphasize different themes when describing their conflict (i.e., themes that come out in the ethos of their conflict). For this prompt, choose either the Israel-Palestine or the Bosnia conflict case and describe the dominant narratives about the conflict from the two sides. If you choose to focus on the Bosnian conflict, you can focus on the Serb vs Bosniak perspective. In addition to describing the dominant narratives from both sides, point to ways in which the narrative about the conflict might differ within parties. What differences exist in the ways that moderates and extremists talk about the conflict?




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