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Is Psychology a science?

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To form an argument on whether psychology is a science.


After reading your textbook and listening to the podcast on whether psychology is a science, please answer the following questions:

  1. Define psychology in your own words
  2. Do you think psychology is a science? Provide at least two specific examples from the podcast to form your argument.
  3. How have your lived experiences- such as where you grew up and with whom and your cultural values shaped your views of psychology?
  4. What question(s) do you have after to the podcast. Be sure to include references to specific parts of the podcast in your response.
  5. Answer another student’s question about the podcast.

Chapter 1 is all about the history of psychology!

Psychology is defined as “the scientific study of the mind” and this chapter will give you a brief overview of the history and potential careers in psychology.

The objectives for this chapter are:

  • Define psychology
  • Develop a basic understanding for the difference schools of psychology
  • Understand educational requirements for difference careers in psychology

Please complete the following readings and podcast below for your assignments this week:

  1. Watch my mini lecture on chapter 1
  2. Then read chapter 1 of your text book
  3. FREE TextbookIntroduction to Psychology E-book link: OpenStax Intro to Psychology (Links to an external site.)




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