University of California San Diego Toyota Motors Business Ethics Paper

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You graduated from UCSD (congratulations!) and have been in your job for six months. This is your first professional position since graduation. You see your manager frequently since you work in the same office and attend meetings together, however until now, your written communication with your manager and others at the company has been through email. You created a few of the Powerpoint slides in a presentation your manager delivered at a conference, but those contained only bullet points and one graphic.


Today, your manager told you she read “Creating Shared Value” recently in the Harvard Business Review. She asked that you read the article and give her your thoughts, in writing, on it and its relevance to your company. She’s particularly interested in ways your company/industry might connect economic, social and environmental benefits in order to create value for your company/industry as well as for society and the environment.

This is the first written deliverable your manager has assigned to you. She is interested in your analysis and critical thinking skills as well as the quality of your writing. (She does not want you writing anything that will be visible to customers until she has had the opportunity to assess your skills in these areas.)

You are to choose an industry or company you are working in. Make it clear early in your paper what industry or company you have chosen. For example, you might say “Here in the fashion industry,…”, or “Since I started working here at Coca Cola, I have noticed…”, or “We and other dry cleaners…”

length: 350 words




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