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Hello, how are you? I hope you had a great Christmas and new year season.

Well I’m going back to my studies and I need your help again.

I will post everything in different questions so it will make it easier for us to keep track.

This is the first question…

Your professor and fellow students would like to know something about you. Please post your personal biography information by answering three or more of the following questions. answer the following questions in your post.

Additional Question Options:

  • What are your personal social preferences? Do you enjoy being alone for long periods of time or do you prefer some sort of social interaction?
  • Identify your favorite size of social interaction: 1) you with one other friend, 2) you with five other friends, or 3) you with 20+ friends/acquaintances.
  • Explain the motivating force that drives you towards building relationships with specific individuals.
  • Pretend you are a Christian psychologist. Explain how you would go about doing research on human selfishness. Make sure to take into account the ethical risks involved, as well as the ethical safeguards that you would have to take, to do research on human selfishness.
  • I started writing the post with my own information but I need you to go ahead and complete answering the questions




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