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Please read the articles attached for background information and the article below announcing the possibility of a new Art Museum in Venice.

Do you agree with the possibility of this venture? Why or why not?

What are the pros and cons of constructing this new museum?

Do you think a museum of Italian Art would be a possibility in an Arab country?

Remember: The articles are chosen to make you think critically.

Venice, 12 February 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Venice City Council and the Italian government have announced the possible construction of a museum of Islamic art in the center of the ancient city. This news has sparked fierce debate concerning Venice’s cultural heritage.

Initial news about the project was announced by the Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, following his recent diplomatic visit to Qatar. According to Letta, the government and council have “made a commitment to explore the opportunity to build an Islamic museum in Venice on the Grand Canal”.

Despite the evasive nature of Letta’s announcement, this speech has provoked the anger of the Northern League, the Italian political party known for its xenophobic and breakaway ideals. Representatives of the Northern League, notably Lorenzo Fontara who represents the League in the European Parliament in Brussels, are against the development of this museum in the heart of Venice, a city considered to be a bastion of Italian heritage and one which is, they say, already blighted by numerous difficulties. They are equally critical of the state’s economic policy, which they believe to be ignorant of its priorities.

This project has, however, encountered much enthusiasm from the Mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, who compared it to the opening of La Serenissima. He maintains that this project should reinforce the dialogue between East and West and will give Venice the opportunity to strengthen its cultural offering. The project has been given the financial support of several Arabian countries.

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