University of Maryland Two Sides to Every Tale How Narration Effects Story Paper

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Below are comments that were given to me by a peer editor, please incorporate them into my draft which I have attached as a word document below, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Revision comments:

1. As far as your title I would rate it as pretty good. I gave it this rating because it is simple and able to incorporate a general understanding of the direction in which your paper is heading.

2. Yes there is an introductory paragraph. It identifies exactly what the author is going to focus on in his paper. However, the titles of the books are not underlined or in italics. Jesse does a great job of connecting the form of the novel to the message of the novel.


A: Non-Omnipresent


C: Fragment of fiction

D: Usage of two narrators

4. I cannot think of any other forms the writer included however the ones he did include were very strong.

5. The books are treated separately in different paragraphs. Jesse does a good job at organizing his understanding of each book separately.

6. Yes they are handled and treated in parallel form.

7. I think that all of the conclusions that Jesse made were very similar to the ones I made. I think they are on point.

8. The paper is a bit more than three papers which is the perfect size for Jesse’s argument. The supporting evidence is accurate to the two books. All in all, the essay adequately covers the whole assignment.

9. I think the only thing that needs to be developed more is the conclusion. I think that it could be summed up better and incorporate his main ideas more.

10. There is a concluding paragraph. It is different than the introduction however I do not think it does as good of a job of summing up the essay as the introduction did.


1. No

2. No

3. No

4. No


1. I would try to expand more on your conclusion

2. I would add italics or underline the titles of the two books.




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