University of South Florida Artificial Intelligence and Data Management Essay

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Review Real-Time Dashboards at Western Digital casestudyEnter and find in its Fifty Five “The value AI can bring to your business” (Links to an external site.)

Go to the section on Forecast / Consumer Packaged goods, Notes from AI frontier: Applications and value of deep learning

Review the section

There are three use cases in the article

For those three use cases

  • What data will be needed to implement AI?
  • Do you think the data is easily available?
  • What Organizational challenges around technology, processes, and people can slow or impede AI adoption in these three use cases
  • Go to Stephen Few’s blog ” The Perceptual Edge” (Links to an external site.)Go to the section of ExamplesIn this section critiques of various dashboard examples are provided. Read these examples to understand what is needed to improve.Now go to (Links to an external site.)Go to “Resources” Section and go to “Dashboard Samples”Review Material Operations Dashboard, Production Dashboard, Safety DashboardFor each one:- What type of information and metrics are shown? What types of actions can you take (3 – 5)- Using some of the basic concepts from Few’s critiques, describe good design points (2-3) and bad design points (2-3)
  • Go to (Links to an external site.)Register for Student accessReview Real-Time Dashboards at Western Digital case study
    • What are the key lessons learnt?
    • How do you think the examples in Question 2 – Perceptual Edge can be applied in this case?




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