University of South Florida Develop Empirical Probability Distribution Excel Task

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Employee Retention. Employee retention is a major concern for many companies. A survey of Americans asked how long they have worked for their current employer (Bureau of Labor Statistics website). Consider the following example of sample data of 2000 college graduates who graduated five years ago.


How Teenagers Listen to Music. For its Music 360 survey, Nielsen Co. asked teenagers and adults how each group has listened to music in the past 12 months. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. teenagers under the age of 18 say they use Google Inc.’s video-sharing site to listen to music and 35% of the teenagers said they use Pandora Media Inc.’s custom online radio service (The Wall Street Journal). Suppose 10 teenagers are selected randomly to be interviewed about how they listen to music


Height of Dutch Men. Males in the Netherlands are the tallest, on average, in the world with an average height of 183 centimeters (cm) (BBC News website). Assume that the height of men in the Netherlands is normally distributed with a mean of 183 cm and standard deviation of 10.5 cm.

Check the attached file for all the questions and requirements.

To be submitted in an excel file.




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