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Why is it important for managers to be familiar with the concepts of group behavior? As a manager within a criminal justice organization, what concepts of group behavior would be most important? Why?

The main concept of the group is when there are three or more individuals who are communicating and accomplishing a goal together the groups are all going to have a different way of acting and they will each have their own behaviors. It is so crucial for each manager to really understand each other and the behaviors are traveling and they can be very harmful and super helpful. For instance, a group that is having a vibe and having a negative vibe experience the view at hand should be able to share it with others in the group. If the reaction is good or bad could be something positive that could is motivational to other people that are in the group or even people that are in other groups. You want to be able to communicate within the group and be understanding to others within the group as well.

As a manager within a criminal justice organization, what concepts of group behavior would be most important?

In the criminal justice field the manager in the field the main source of communication and the team work are very significant to the groups. With not knowing the uncertainty and all the danger that is going to brought into the feild it is so crucial to have a group that is very communitave and able to talk to one another. The group is needing to be strong and able to replay information to one another when needing to do so. The group is needing to know how to work together as a whole and so that they can get to the end result and the end result is finishing that goal. In order for this to happen they need to work as a whole and each individual needs to respect one another and needs to be respectful when they are working together. The team needs to work together and each need to work to get to the end result.




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