Utica College Medical Malpractice Reflection Paper

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CONFIDENTIALITY is critical in this forum. No identifying information should be disclosed in your response. Do not name any party (patient, staff member, or agency) in your example, please.

Events occurring with unanticipated deterioration of a patient’s condition, such as end-of-life, can result in legal issues. However, recall there are four required elements to move an allegation of malpractice forward in a court of law. (Review the Legal Terminology List and the “Malpractice … 4 essential elements” presentation if necessary before responding.)

  1. Describe one example of actual or potential malpractice you have observed, been involved in, or heard about during your career. You may want to relay a “near miss” scenario. If you have no example interview a nurse colleague about their experiences.
  2. Explain how each of the four elements were met as you describe the event.
  3. Was a root cause analysis performed (review this definition because this process may be called something else in your agency)? Why or why not?
  4. What processes were put in place to prevent this type of incident from happening again?




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