WU Journals and Reflective Techniques Reflection Paper

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*In order to answer those questions, you have to read chapt 3 attachment I send here. The attachment on the

part I did before I will send to you. However, use them only if you want some information because I do not want in recent part you out of the subject.

Please cite past courses in this text for reflections as part of your discussion. A minimum of five citations/sources should be from other books/text citations from previous courses.

TOPIC: Internship Essentials – the Learning Contract, Supervision, the Seminar & Reflection

Reading: Sweitzer & King – CHAPTER 3

Chapter 3 Questions:

  • Review the kinds of journals and reflective techniques discussed in this chapter. Which ones seem interesting and useful for you?
  • What have you learned about your need for acceptance versus your need to be liked? So, what does this learning mean for you in your internship and other aspects of your life? Now, What will you continue or change at your internship? Then What is in store for you in the future with regard to this issue?
  • In what ways have your past experiences prepared you for supervision during the internship. Compare your past experiences with your current supervisory experiences. Are you responding differently? Are there lessons to be learned from your past experiences?





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